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Improved cloud call center Solution

SIPLINK call center solution is an advanced call management solution that works online. With cloud call center solutions, you can set up a remote team of support executives, manage calls from customers and prospects on-the-go, and efficiently manage inbound as well as outbound business calls. Instant online availability with zero capital and no hardware requirement. Improve business growth with smart decisions based on call analytics. Frame-up and manage distributed teams to succeed in business calls on the Siplink cloud.

Cloud-based call center solution

Incomparable Benefits from Anywhere

Siplink cloud-based remote call center software, you can add support agents to your call center from any location. Once added to the call center, your support executives can manage incoming business calls right on their phone while working at any place.

To take care of business calls on the phone, Siplink Cloud Solution has a live dashboard that can be used. Siplink call center solution has built-in capabilities to manage remote teams.

With siplink cloud call center solution hosted on cloud, you can monitor the performance of each remote agent, track live calls, listen to call recordings and provide necessary guidance wherever required.

Improved Security and Flexibility

As call volumes often rise and fall (could be due to seasonality or new product launches or due to service issue), the outsourcing process can manage the fluctuations of calls with multiple clients and also minimize your cost-per-call.

An efficient outsourced call center can be a right partner to manage this factor.

Excellent scalability and more Affordable

Eliminate the cost of setting infrastructure and maintaining the hardware of a traditional phone system by taking your business on the cloud.

Scale your business to the next level or shift the location of your office to somewhere around the world without incurring any infrastructural costs.

Anywhere, anytime and anything can be possible for your business needs. Anywhere, anytime and anything can be possible for your business needs.

Dialer Features

  • Call Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Lead Management
  • Supervisor Management
  • Call Recording

Call Management

  • Dedicated Direct Calling User Extensions
  • Personal Voicemail & Team Voicemail
  • Outbound Calls – Manual, Preview, and Predictive
  • Scheduled Callbacks
  • 3-Way Conference and Call Transfers
  • Inbound Calls – Automated Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Blended Calls (Inbound, Outbound)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) w/ Campaign Queue
  • Broadcast and Survey Dialing (Robo dialing)

Campaign Management

  • Multi-Lead List per Campaign
  • Agents Allocated Simultaneously Multiple Campaigns
  • Campaign Defined Scripts
  • Custom Caller ID – Campaign Specific
  • Hotkeys for quick hangup and call dispositions
  • Filter Leads (Dynamically Exclude Numbers from Lists)

Lead Management

  • Upload and download of customer lists
  • Leads Filtering
  • Leads Recycle
  • Internal DNC and Blacklist
  • Leads Timezone Restrictions

Supervisor Management

  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Listen-in, Barge-in, and Whisper
  • Force Log-out
  • Reports and Analytics

Call Recording

  • Full Call Recordings or On-demand
  • Option to Store Call Recordings on your own FTP Server